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Enjoy yer scrollin',

Enjoy yer scrollin',

Saturday, January 5

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

This list came about by accident.

Today, the laziest of all Saturdays, I was lounging around the house with a plate of pancakes and, of course, mulling over my "second post", for which I had no ideas. Blank. My mind was entirely blank.

Somehow, I got the brilliant idea to eat breakfast in my room. As much as I love those round circles of goodness...my bedroom is not the place to inhale them. It worked out for me in the end, though. For a while there, things took a turn for the worse: the syrup was running off of the side of the plate, and I was trying to balance it with one hand (having a fork and "The Complete Works of Jane Austen" in the other). My body was twisted in a pretzel shape as I tried to wipe my sticky fingers on a napkin...and I elbowed the space bar on my computer, kickstarting some playlist.

And then - may the angels sing their chorus - it hit me.

Mostly because The Sound of Music was playing in the background (I did reference my ever-evolving music library of showtunes, right?), but also because you should get to know me, I'm going to do a "favorite things" post. And, of course, my least-favorite things will find their way in there, as they always do. Sneaky little things.

#1: My journal.

I know, I know. A blogger with a handwritten journal - sue me. I find that it helps get your thoughts down. I guess I should abridge that...it's not really a journal. More like a "rambling book". I've already completed today's entry. It was a blue day. Not a melancholy blue - an acceptance blue, a calm blue.
Here it is:

She's a maaaaniac, maaaaniac...
#2: Mismatched socks. I'm incredibly lazy, and that probably has to do with it. Where I live (Narnia), it's pretty much freezing every day. Something about having different colors on my feet relaxes me. And warms my very, very cold toes. To the left is today's pair, along with some obnoxious, one-side-rolled-up PJ's.

(Oh, and something I hate? People who are obsessed with having socks that match.)

#3: My "academy plaid" TOMs. I wear them very nearly every day. Why not? They're comfy, and they go with everything. Plus, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that there's another kid wearing a matching pair in some foreign country. This is my second pair. The first, I actually wore holes in. Yeah, they qualify for this list. With flying colors.

#4: These. Enough said. I've broken about three pairs already.

#5: "The Stash". My ever-changing, ever-evolving, ever-spilling-out-of-the-cupboard stack of library goodness. Each time I visit, I take home about 15 books. When you visit once a week...you acquire a mountain of library fines. Gah!

#6: Jane Austen. The loveliest lady in literature. Alliteration is fun.

I've annotated "Pride and Prejudice". Watched both of the movies (before I read them - you can shoot me if you like. I know I've committed a crime against...everything). And there's no man quite like Mr. Darcy. To my dismay. To my extreme, extreme, extreme dismay.

#7: The view from my bedroom window. So very calm. Great for curling up next to with a book and a steaming mug of vanilla tea. Or the old laptop, for novel-writing, and some hot chocolate. Or my journal.

(One more thing I hate - that "racquet club" in the background. Nature ruined by people in sweatshorts jogging down my street. With those fuzzy '60's headbands. And '80's leg warmers. That's a novel-killing moment, if I ever saw one. Shudder.)

See, that wasn't so hard, was it, Alex? And it didn't even include a single kitten whisker. Or a raindroppy rose.

However...I do have a sudden craving. I wonder if we're out of schnitzel with noodles.


Clove from District 2 said...

Hey der Alex. Hey gurl hey.

Mismatched socks are da bomb diggety.



GailKingman said...

Rachel, Kyles sis is notorious for her mis matched socks...i on the other hand am one of "those" that need my socks to match...it is a need for feeling balanced. If the socks have different weight, length, ect i feel...off...
Like your big so far!!

JackieKaufmann said...

Hey Alex,

Funny... I was just teasing Craig today about his mismatched socks. He said that was all he could find in his sock drawer! I think that might have been a hint that it was time to catch up on laundry :)

Oh... and I unabashedly LOVE "My Favorite Things!" I probably sing it daily to Luke, though his blank stare seems to suggest that he does not enjoy it as much as I do. Oh well...

Parima said...

alex, this blog is so awesome. who knew that a simple collection of someone's obscure thoughts could be this entertaining? actually, scratch that. its not surprising since they're YOUR obscure thoughts we're reading about :)

Anonymous said...

This is so good! You should do something about our world cultures class, theres plenty to write about there.